Re-Foresting the Park

New trees are planted in the park yearly to replace diseased or fallen trees.

The Friends of Rye Town Park contributes annually toward the New York Power Authority's Tree Power Program, helping to procure and plant new trees in Rye Town Park every year.  

On-Going Maintenance

As part of on-going maintenance and preventive care, FRTP shares the cost of inoculating seven Ash trees against invasion by the Emerald Ash Borer, crown head pruning of trees, and partial cost (shared expense with the park) of Bartlett’s annual fall soil management and fertilization  program.

Tree Inventory

Bartlett's initial inventory report identified 331 trees that included 58 species.  They used a GPS receiver device to pinpoint each tree’s physical location within an error potential of less than three meters and collected data on the trees which, in addition to their condition, included:

  • Botanical name and regional common name 
  • (according to local lists from the International Society of Arborists)
  • Tree location based on the GPS system
  • Tagging the tree with a number
  • Diameter of the tree at breast height
  • Radius of the canopy
  • Age class
  • Height class
  • Root zone infringement
  • Infrastructure interaction
  • Priority of work needed (based on a 3yr management plan)
  • Need for advanced tree risk assessment
  • Removal recommendation
  • Soil care and fertilization recommendation
  • Integrated pest management recommendation